Gloxi Height Enhancer is a SCAM!!

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HI, if you guys are wondering if Gloxi Height Enhancer product is a scam, I have the answer for you!

To briefly summarize, Gloxi is a magical product that can make you grow taller even after puberty. At least, this is what this website says. 

Somehow, this product looks so magical. As soon as I heard that, I was eager to buy this in order to add some inches to my height. So I decided to buy it to give it a try.

Well before I go any further of my experience, I will explain how STUPID I was when I got lured by this scam.

First of all, if you go to any doctor, they will all say that IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO GROW TALLER AFTER PUBERTY WITH SUCH PRODUCT. The only way that you can grow taller after puberty is with stretches and healthy life style. Any doctors will all agree that stretching and having healthy lifestyle is ONLY way that will allow you to grow little more taller after puberty. Unless you choose to get a surgery on you leg which is basically process of breaking your bone in you legs and wait until it bonds together again. And yes, this surgery exsist, but more in medical use, not to grow taller. If you are interested in this surgery, you can research more about leg lengthening surgery.

Your height can not be adjusted by any types of 'products' that are advertised with false information which is they are all over the internet.

If there was a such product like that, it would have been on a news and became a biggest issue. Many athletes will use it to perform better in sports and not only to grow taller, it can also cure many bone structural diseases.

I can tell you this because this specific website ( is been there more than 6 years. And yes, for 6 years. That's long enough to become one of most hot issue in the world if it was a actual working product.

Plus, they do not provide any contact inormation and only way that you can contact them is through their messaging system. When you message them, a guy name 'Ronald' will start answering you but they will never provide any more contact information.

I know what you are thinking, for those of you who already made you mind to buy and try this product. You are probably thinking " oh, I don't want to believe this guy" or " I want to at least give it a shot if it works or not". Or maybe you were just surfing through websites to find some good information about growing taller products. That's why I am making this website for you to NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE THAT I MADE.

And I can tell you right now that the website is a SCAM! And yes, I bought this product to give it a try but you know what? IT NEVER EVEN CAME. Yea, Once I bought this product, a guy name 'Ronald' started to ignore me.


Hi, so today is 4/07/2014 and I am going to make things clear on what exactly happened after I post the previous writing.

To be exact, I bought 3 packages of Gloxi Height Enahncer on 5/19/2013. But like I said in previous writing, I was ignored for long period time and they finally sent 2 packages on 7/23/2013. It took more than TWO MONTHS for them to send 2 packages, not even all of them which i ordered 3. And I received those 2 packages at my door on 7/25/2013. So I emailed them asking where my last package is at. The guy named 'Ronald' replied me, as always, said that I will received my last package soon. But because I had to move, I told them MANY TIMES of my new home address.

But GUESS WHAT? They sent my last box to my OLD ADDRESS on 9/18/2013. I do not know when exactly my last package was dropped off at the door because I wasn't there because obviously I don't live there anymore. Not only that, as you can see, they didn't sent my 3 packages at once but instead, they broke up to 2 separate deliveries. and there was ALMOST 2 MONTHS GAP between those 2 separate deliveries. 

I am posting this new writing up because the guy named Ronald started to threaten me that they are going to SUE me if I don't delete this post. Well technically, I have received my product and it took more than 4 months. And the last box went to the address where I no longer live. But I am not going to delete this post because this is what I've exactly experienced from this Gloxi product, and I would like to share this information with everyone who's considering to buying any products from them. 

Oh, and for those of you who are wondering if the product worked for me? NOT AT ALL, NOT EVEN A SINGLE INCH.